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Interior design

We are known for its inspiring and innovative designs in residential projects. We are always striving to achieve a perfect balance of space, colour and texture whilst constantly developing new ideas and materials. Our motivation is to exceed the expectations of our clients through our creativity and attention to detail. In addition to manufacturing our […]

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Furniture rental for home staging

The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, so you can sell it more quickly and for more money. In-Lease rents out specific eye-catching furniture for home staging. You can stage your home yourself or we put you in contact with a professional home stager.   […]

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Furniture Sales

KK Mallorca was founded as a unique furniture store where any one could find a piece to their liking for any budget. It has since evolved to the “go to” Home deco store in Port Andratx.  Make sure to pay our store a visit next time you are on the Island and be sure to […]

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